The Twin-O-Vac™ is a versatile unit that is ideal when extra or portable sources of suction are required.

Each Twin-O-Vac™ uses one oxygen outlet (an oxygen pipeline wall point or cylinder regulator) to provide variable suction plus two separate sources of oxygen. All three outlets can be used simultaneously on up to three different patients if necessary. For your convenience, the Twin-O-Vac™ can be connected or linked to an assortment of equipment including resuscitators, flowmeters, infant warmers and humidifiers.

The Twin-O-Vac™ is commonly used in general wards, transporting patients, emergency wards, ambulances, portable resuscitation kits and paediatric wards.

Light weight: making it easy to handle and lightening the load on pipeline outlets and regulator
Simple: with only three moving parts in the main control head and an easy-to-read dual scale (kPa and mmHg) vacuum gauge
Reliable and durable
Safe: standard Millipore brand filters act as a bacteria filter between the jar contents and room air
Adjustable: suction control allows the suction level to be set and monitored
Easy to understand: colour coded pressure gauges and identification labels for quick recognition of the gas used by the regulator
Gas specific inlet fittings and outlet fittings to prevent fitting to the wrong gas type
Weightapproximately 720 grams
Suction outlet connectionnominal 8mm I.D. tubing nipple
Twin-O-Vac™ (p/n TM117G & p/n TM118) Gauge range0 to - 100 kPa
Twin-O-Vac™ (p/n 518632 & 518633) Gauge range0 to - 25 kPa
Receiver Jar capacity400 ml

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