TP Dewars Self-pressurized (0.5 bar) liquid nitrogen storage and dispensing vessels

Air Liquide Healthcare has over 20 years of proven experience in providing medical gases, such as medical carbon dioxide (CO2), and equipment to the Australian market. Our highly-qualified staff strive to serve all of our patients and customers as professionally, effectively and efficiently as possible.
  • Capacity of 35 to 100 litres
  • Self-pressurized vessel
  • Delivered with or without the operating head*
  • Static holding time up to 75 days
  • 6 year guarantee on the vacuum

Easy to use

  • Direct liquid nitrogen supply with the decanting valve
  • The TP35 can fit easily under a laboratory bench or workstation
  • A hand rail can be easily attached to protect the operating head and make it easier to move the vessel

Easy to dispense LIN

  • Double valve option for liquid use


  • Made out of aluminum and composite materials provides for low consumption and light weight
  • High quality polyurethane paint
    for long life
Liquid capacity (L)356060
Diameter of neck (mm)505050
Static holding time (d*)356075
Daily evaporation rate (K/d*)111.3
Weight empty with operating head (kg)19.826.433.5
Weight full with operating head (kg)4874.5113.5
External diameter (mm)468468510
Total height with operating head (mm)85310801213
Total interior height (mm)580815945
Maximum operating pressure in standard bars (bar)
Maximum flow rate (L/min**)2.4 (P=0.5b)3.5 (P=0.5b)5.2 (P=0.5b)
*Daily evaporation and static holding time are given for the following conditions: 20°C, 1 013 mb, and vessel is stationary with lid closed. These are nominal values and may vary according to the history of the vessel and the manufacturing tolerances.**Indicative value that can vary greatly in accordance with the filling time of the vessel*** For dispensing liquid nitrogen in Voyageur, GT, Agil, or Arpege vessels – small volumes of nitrogen in non-pressurized vessels

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