Sabre Ease II

Air Liquide Healthcare has over 20 years of proven experience in providing medical gases and associated equipment to the Australian market. Our highly-qualified staff strive to serve all of our patients and customers as professionally, effectively and efficiently as possible.

The New Sabre EASE II portable and pipeline systems provide a compact low resistance method of self-administering gas for pain management. The EASE II demand valve is constructed in a way that creates minimal breathing resistance to the patient and can deliver high flows when required.

For greater user comfort the EASE II is both smaller and lighter than the original Sabre EASE. The new ‘Easy Grip’ handle is another user friendly addition.

Demand Valve:
GasOxygen, Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen
MaterialPolycarbonate, silicone rubber, stainless steel
Dimensions50 × 50 × 63 mm
Weight0.085 kg
Gas supplyRequirement 2.8 to 7.0 bar at >200 L/min
Inspiratory resistance at 2.8 bar supply pressure-0.15 to -0.2 kPa at 0 L/min | -0.2 kPa at 10 L/min | -0.7 kPa at 200 L/min
Expiratory resistance+0.35 kPa at 120 L/min
Operating temperature-20°C to +60°C used Oxygen | +5°C to +40°C used 50/50 N2O/O2
Storage temperature -30°C to +60°C
Hose Assembly:
Working pressure7 bar
Burst pressure44 bar
Weight0.5 kg (3 m length)
Features & Benefits
On demand gas system for delivering up to 300 L/min
Portable first stage regulator for immediate care and pre-hospital applications
Low inspiratory effort demand valve
Test/purge facility on the demand valve, easy to clean and reassemble for cross infection protocol
Autoclavable, removable handle

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