This device is known for its efficacy and easy-to-use convenience without the need for outlet or batteries, and it provides oxygen and suction in one unique device.

The Du-O-Vac oxygen powered suction device is ideal for patient transport, code carts, delivery rooms and disaster preparedness support.

A Duo-O-Vac™ features single use collection jars with a built in bacteria filter. The jars and filter are disposed of after every application.

All that is needed to run these two important components to emergency care is a 350 kPa medical oxygen source.

Use with any 350 kPa power source (piped in or from cylinder source)
Single use collection jar with built in hydrophobic filter to protect against contamination
Dual 350 kPa medical oxygen auxiliary outlets to maximize function by adding optional flowmeter, demand valve resuscitators and transport ventilators
Designed to run suction and administer two (2) medical oxygen therapy options simultaneously
Preventative maintenance required only once a year
Weight0.75 kg
Dimensions29.5 x 10.5 x 12
Delivery 0-350 mmHg (adult) 0-180 mmHg (pediatric)
Inlet Pressure50 PSI
Negative Pressure range with mufflerI 0-350 mmHg
Gas Consumption20 L/min
Flow rate Produced by unit14 L/min at 350mmHg
Standard InletSIS Female Inlet
2 each Auxiliary outletsSIS male with check valve
Graduated Jar capacity400 ml

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