Cryal Jet

Air Liquide Healthcare provides cryogenic products for cryotherapy in a variety of healthcare fields including dermatology.

Our stainless steel cryogenic spray vessel for liquid nitrogen has been specially designed to suit the needs of dermatologists and is equipped with different spray nozzles for the treatment of different types of topical skin lesions.

It is supplied with a set of six spray nozzles designed for treating the most common skin lesions. We also have a range of six contact probes and a set of rubber cones to suit almost every application. We’ve also simplified the decanting system to make the CRYAL JET® easy to fill. Our solution for immediate liquid nitrogen spray meets high dermatologist standards.

Features and Benefits
Included on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods
Available in 2 sizes: 0.3 and 0.5 litres
Easy to use
Stainless steel
Immediate liquid nitrogen spray
Supplied with a set of six nozzles, designed for treating the most common skin lesions
Easy to fill the Cryal Jet by using a TR simplified decanting system
Dermatology UseCryal Jet Maxi
Volume capacity0.5L
Neck diameter68.5mm
Static holding time24 days
Weight empty0.62kg
Weight full0.94kg
Total height285mm

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