Do you supply the safety signage?

Yes, Air Liquide Healthcare offers a full range of Safety Signage, for our customers.

Do you supply liquid nitrogen dewars, associated equipment and what is the cost ?

We sell and service a range of LIN dewars, PLVs and the Cryal Jet gun.

Speak with our Health Professional from your state.

My regulator is leaking?

This is a common problem, that usually occurs between the regulator and valve face.

Ensure the pins of the Yoke are located correctly and check the condition of the Bodok Seal, which is located inside the yoke. When changing a cylinder this seal can often drop off or get stuck on the valve stem.

How long will the cylinder last?

When using Oxygen, pressure continually drops. Duration of cylinder contents is dependant on the flow rate and the volume of the cylinder. Simply divide the cylinder volume by the L/min.

Eg. “D” size cylinder 1500 litres divided by given flowrate 5 L/min = 300 minutes

What equipment do we service

ALH has 3 main service centres in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and service a large range of regulators, flowmeters, concentrators. Enquiries should be made with the Healthcare representative in your State.

Does the equipment have to be serviced annually?

All gas equipment such as Regulators, flowmeters, twinovacs, should be maintained annually in accordance with Accreditation Standards, and manufacturers guidelines. This can be overcome, however, with the use of our unique “Presence” range of Oxygen cylinders.